Choosing a Live Band or DJ

After your special event, your guests will most likely focus on whether the music and food were good or not, so you need to ensure that your entertainment fits your needs and impresses your guests!

Live Band or DJ

Whether you choose a live band or DJ ultimately comes down to your personal preference. We suggest you think about the most memorable events you’ve been to and think about which form of party music you enjoyed the most.

First consider your guests and whether they’ll enjoy the same music as you. Generally, reggae, jazz, big band and universal groove songs are performed best by live bands, if you’re on the same page as your guests. If you want a large variety of music genres to please everyone, DJs usually deliver that better.

No matter what, both a live band or DJ, should command the crowd and get your audience involved. Sometimes a live band knows how to interact with guests more easily, but a great DJ personality can also seal the deal.

Interview more than one entertainer so you have the ability to shop around and compare apples to apples. You also want to make sure to watch your contenders perform a few times to make sure they play smoothly and interact properly with guests.


Because you’re just paying for one person, a DJ generally costs less than hiring a live band. With a live band, you’re paying for each band member and his/her individual talents.


Check with your chosen venue before hiring party entertainment as you might have restrictions in the way of number of musicians and amount of equipment allowed.  Also keep in mind the room’s acoustics and access to outlets.

Make sure to book your party entertainment as far ahead of time as possible once you’ve decided on your entertainment!

If you’re ready to hire a live band, contact Brian Sax Allen for reggae bands, jazz bands, groove bands or any other live entertainment:; 772-336-7517.

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